Halloween, If I Liked It

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.16.16 PM

{Easy DIY Balloons}

I notoriously am not a fan of Halloween. Perhaps it’s the effort of picking a costume. Perhaps it’s not wanting to be scared. Perhaps it’s the desire to stay inside where it is warm instead of wearing a coat over the costume I just spent a week of thought-energy on.

I can’t even remember what I did last year. Not a surprise but it’s also a demonstration of my general apathy for the holiday. The year before last I was an engaged Kate Middleton. I did everything right – the (imitation) blue dress and engagement ring were in tow. It was pretty brilliant. So this year I have a follow up and I am almost (almost) a little disappointed that I don’t have any plans on the horizon. Because if I did, I would be this:

Kate Costume

Yes, I would carry that baby around all night. All I’m missing are those luscious locks…#hairenvy.

Who are we kidding? I’ll probably end up happily cozy on my couch with a pumpkin bev and a bowl of candy loving every minute of it.

Be safe out there trick-or-treaters!


Sundae Funday

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.47.00 PM

{Image c/o Ice Cream by Coco Cakes}

There are many desserts that I enjoy, but I think ice cream might be my all-time favorite. The possibilities for add-ins are limitless and I’m of the mindset that the more the better. Oh, and sweet is always preferred over savory or fruity.

Because I can’t necessarily control my spoon from continually dipping into the open ice cream tub in my lap to get that last bit of Oreo cookie that is peeking out and practically begging me to unearth it, I usually have to buy vanilla frozen yogurt. Less cals, less guilt. But vanilla is so blah after a while. That’s why I started creating my own ice cream treats.

I look through whatever is in my pantry, crush it up (if needed), and then mix until smooth. It’s like my own little surprise to myself after dinner. There are two that I keep in regular rotation: Peanut Butter Pretzel and S’More.

PB and Pretzel{Peanut Butter and Pretzel Crisps}

Mix 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter in your 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt. Then add 3-5 pretzel crisps into your dish or mug. You can either hand crumble them for bigger pieces or use your spoon to grind them a little finer. Don’t mash too much or you’ll lose out on the crunchiness.


{Graham Crackers, Chocolate Chips & Marshmallow Fluff}

Hand or spoon crunch your 1-2 sheets of graham crackers. I use the honey variety, but you can get fancy with it. Then add in 1 tablespoon chocolate chip morsels and 1 tablespoon of marshmallow fluff. Stir together until roughly blended. So easy. The hardest part is actually pulling out three ingredients.

Last night I had peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles. Maybe try a little sundae bar the next time you’re entertaining! I would love to hear about what you would mix in.

Friday Find: Just Start

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.24.54 AM{Gold Foil “Just Start” Print by CharmAndGumption}

Whatever that thing is that you’re thinking of doing – you know, the one that you swore you would follow through with, but haven’t because it might be hard or scary or both – sometimes you just need a kick in the rear. So here it is. Just start!

What’s my thing, you ask? Do you think because I sit behind the protective lens of the computer that I just posit questions to the universe without revealing anything about my own troubled self? No way, José! I’m not above sharing. I have a handful of to do’s that I am holding on to. The one that first comes to mind (probably because I got the inspirational print from the site) is to sell some of my wares on Etsy. I love making scarves, but I’m scared no one will buy them. And that, to me, means failure. I forget that not putting anything up for sale is a fail. So next month, I’m going to try and sell a scarf or two. It’s fall after all! Hashtag rhyming.

Before we get to another set of New Year’s resolutions, see what you can cross off your list. Here’s to a better you! (And I’m done)

DIY: Hangover Fairy Kit

Hangover FairyI know you’re clamoring to know how it went and I can now officially say that the bachelorette party was a rousing success. Adult women group sleepovers are the best and I’m glad that my apartment was able to handle all the commotion.

One of the surprises I put together for everyone was a hangover fairy kit. I looked around the Internet for ideas of what to include and all-in-all had a pretty good round up. I tried to think of what you would need before, during, or after the big night of fun. It had to be compact and useful. The finishing touch was a reusable bag that I decorated with love and each attendee’s first initial. Oh, and word to the wise, no party from here on out is complete without its own hashtag.

{Starting from top left}

  • Advil for your head and unexplained bruises
  • Ring Pops for something sweet
  • Hair ties for the morning-after pj-run to Starbucks (yeah that happened)
  • Mini Orbit for after that coffee and before you’re able to stand and brush your teeth
  • Lip balm for smiling in Snapchats
  • Mini nail files for avoiding pretty dress snags
  • Antibac for use before diving into the early morning plate of fries (also happened)
  • Face wipes for wiping away raccoon eyes
  • Gatorade for sustenance
  • Paper bag for accidents
  • Reusable bag for remembering the hazy times

Friday Find: PSL Revelation II

PS Coffee

Around this time last year, I had a revelation. A Pumpkin Spice revelation. My love of all things pumpkin-flavored has returned. And this time, I’m coming at you with another game-changer: Pumpkin Spice coffee.

So. Simple. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? The genius behind the concoction is my work wife. Nothing has been the same since. Note: don’t be alarmed by the orange color. Pumpkins are orange and they’re not scary.

The Starbucks app drink customizer is my favorite way to control my coffee cals. You don’t often realize how your favorite drink could betray you like that. If you’ll remember from last time, a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte without any modification can rack up to 300 calories. The Grande 2-Pump Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee you see here is a measly 5 calories. F-i-v-e.

Alls I did was add two packets of Splenda and I was out the door. Absentmindedly, the barista didn’t leave me any room for milk as I requested, but I came to find it didn’t matter. It tastes just as delicious as I would expect it to be. Not only are the calories swoon-inducing, the price is in the neighborhood of $2. Come on, that deserves a parade. Don’t want ice? Try a regular coffee and see what happens. Go crazy!

Then go boot up your Anthropologie On Rotation Spotify channel, dial it to the Turkey to Table: A Thanksgiving Playlist, and be thankful for the welcomed turn to cooler weather. It’s fall, y’all!

The Look for Less: Feminine Sweatshirt

CluClu Ruffled Sweatshirt, Shopbop, $195

There are few things that Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere fame does incorrectly, in my opinion. I find her posts very inspirational and look forward to seeing what she is thinking day in and out. Her photography is something I envy greatly, aside from her delicious clothing budget, of course.

The other day she wore a very on-trend-for-fall sweatshirt, coupled with the surprising detail of a soft ruffle. As I’ve said in the past I am a boisterous supporter of two things:

1. Mixing edgy with femininity

2. Finding or making the same thing for less

There’s no way I could justify a $195 sweatshirt, so I searched for the next best thing.


Chiffon Ruffles T-shirt, Sheinside, $21.64

Much more reasonable and, for me, flattering. I have already added this to my September wish list. Can you imagine? Some dark skinny jeans and riding boots? I’m dying. This number might even be closer to the Clu version, but I’ll let you decide.