Twitter Profile


My Twitter profile is a thing of beauty (if I do say so myself and I do because I’m saying it right now). I’m very into grey and white chevron and it took me for-ev-ver to get that image right (seriously though; I won’t explain it, just trust). Then I made the links lime green for a pop of color.

I’m on Twitter a loooot. I like that it is faster than the Facebook newsfeed and there are actually relevant topics to read. Call me an oldie, but I’m past “like”-ing things on Facebook. “Megan likes Diet Coke” or “Megan likes The Notebook.” No one cares. After a while people start zoning it out. I can be selective on Twitter and that suits me because I am, if anything, selective.

PS can we all just pause and give credit where credit is due? Everyone wants to be chevron’s BFF, but Missoni was all over that a loooong time ago.

Image c/o Fashionologie


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