Image c/o Decor Pad

I’ve been kind of obsessed with interiors. I still feel so new in my big girl apartment, which I inhabited mid-June. It’s a tricky thing having your own place. You want to find your vibe and make the space you call home feel like your own. At times this can be spency (me-talk for “expensive”), but I think in the end what you buy you’re conceivably going to have for the long-term. So why not invest a little in your pad (good segue for below, you’ll see)?

I’m currently searching for the perfect curtains for my bedroom. I don’t have any colors on the walls, nor any stand out colors anywhere else, say in a thow pillow or bedspread. Therefore, I feel like I can add a little color on my curtains. Since my window is rather large I have expanded my online search to cotton shower curtains. It may be labeled a “shower curtain,” but honestly what is labeled a “curtain” is more often than not cotton as well. What…a concept.

The above image I found led me to view the following on Decor Pad. One theme that seems to be rather clear is that I love organization. Another must is a homey feel with not too much clutter/unnecessary objects.


Hardwood floors + below-sink storage baskets

One day I hope to have a wall full of books that I have read. The Kindle is throwing that off a bit

Chevron rug + wall collage


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