Jacket Prep

ideeli, Knitted Dove Megan Military Coat in Ivory, $35 Sale

This morning I walked outside to my carpool and felt the slightest hint of a chill in the air. In true human fashion (gearing up for things that are far from happening, e.g. Halloween decorations at Michael’s in August, anything to do with Christmas ever, etc.), my mind began spinning just thinking about all the wonderful things I love about Fall despite the fact that it is still obviously summertime.

I have narrowed down my top favorite things about the fall and they are (in no particular order) as follows: Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks, riding boots, coats, the smell of the air, football, and my birthday. Oh, and Thanksgiving. Oh, and about 100 different other reasons. My immediate thought this morning was, “I can’t wait to wear my new jacket!” (see above). I bought it on ideeli and it’s perfect and it was super on sale (plus, it’s a Megan coat. I also have a Megan dress from Forever 21. Awesome). But I’m trying to pump the brakes on my excitement and enjoy what is left of Summer.

I rotate coats often and think it’s best to have a variety, especially when you live somewhere that has finicky weather like I do. I have to watch the weather religiously or else I go to work in a cardigan and leave work to a snowstorm wishing I had a parka.

Just because you stock up on jackets doesn’t mean you have to stock up your credit card bill buying all of them. Online sales are happening everywhere. You just have to take the time to search a little and find what works for you. Your budget and your chattering teeth will thank you.

Forever 21, Relaxed Open Blazer, $27.80

Perfect for: transitioning from summer to fall.

Great with: a scarf and your last-stitch effort to wear all your t-shirts.

Patagonia, Better Sweater Jacket in Lagoon, $129

Perfect for: those days that get as warm as a late-summer evening, or even to layer under a thinner jacket. In college, I went as far as to layer it under a puffy vest. #bold

Great with: said puffy vest or just straight up, no chaser.

Burberry Trench Coat

Perfect for: the occasional rainy day or your need to look fly.

Great with: anything. A trench is a staple and crosses over all seasons and occasions. I got a cheapy slash workhorse trench at Old Navy. Then I stumbled upon a 1980s vintage Burberry trench at an antique store (aaaah!). So now I have the best of both worlds.

Net-a-porter, Derek Lam Cashmere-blend Cape, $1,990

Perfect for: a blustery day, window shopping, drinking coffee.

Great with: a patterned long-sleeved shirt, or elbow-length gloves. I’m told Forever 21 has pretty awesome capes. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for one in a hunter green. Ooooo.

The North Face, Women's Arctic Parka, $299

Perfect for (if you live where I live): every single day of Winter until mid-Spring.

Great with: layers and layers of clothing, wool gloves and matching scarf. Hood up, of course.


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