Nude + Blush

I’m aaaaaall about it. While most people are heading toward the jewel tones of Fall, I’m complacent in the nudes, blushes, and neutrals of the dying summer.

Image c/o Brunch at Saks

I can’t very well explain my current adoration for the pale. I suppose it can be seen on my face (literally) as I was born with skin that some people fondly refer to as “translucent.” I also find that maxing out your wardrobe in black is usually frowned upon (I, on the contrary, like the darkness. My Scorpio roots question mark), but a closet of neutrals is not viewed in the same light (pun not intended). Neutrals are great for pairing and layering with other neutrals or bright accent colors. On my list to acquire are chemises for under sheer sweaters and thin t-shirts for under jackets.

I have a dear friend that likes three things: neutrals, stripes, and wine. Typically I poke fun at her resistance to wear color even though she is one of those rare not-so-serious accountants. So here’s her moment. For a limited time only, I am giving her the fashion credit. Even The Outnet sent out an email shoutout to neutrals today. Below are some of my favorite pieces from their collection. Keep calm and neutral on.

1. Jacket, T by Alexander Wang

2. Blouse, Erin Fetherston

3. Dress, Halston Heritage; 4. Dress, Erin Fetherston; 5. Dress, Zac Posen

3. Dress, Halston Heritage

4. Dress, Erin Fetherston

5. Dress, Zac Posen


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