Happy first day of Fall from me and SJP!

Image c/o Fabsugar

No one can knock my fashion icon. Get it girl.

The great part about SJP’s look is that it’s accessible. As much as I hate to admit that my closet actually has clothes in it (makes it hard to say, “I have nothing to wear.”), I know I have everything available to make a similar outfit. I’m really enjoying her latest pairing of bright, similar colors together, also seen here. Soon after that SJP’s ensemble appeared on David Letterman, perhaps just a happy coincidence, I spotted a display at The Limited decked out in reds and pinks together. Suspect. Highly suspect. One of these days I may try similar blues or greens together before venturing out into the jungle of louder colors.

I am planning on seeing SJP’s current film I Don’t Know How She Does It this weekend. I am about 70 pages away from wrapping up the book, which has been delightful and terrifying. All working mothers deserve to be thanked. To jointly quote soon-to-be working mother, Beyonce, and my dearest friend, “Who run the world? Moms.”


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