In New York

I am headed to New Yorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk tomorrow morning. I included the video above because A) I really like Glee (I fancy myself to possess Rachel Berry vocals, but that could just be the poor acoustics in my car), B) when this song premiered as the season two opener I lost it with…glee, C) I wish I, too, could break out into song at odd intervals, D) New York, I believe, is my favorite city in the world.

There will be some time for walking around on Friday evening and Saturday night. Luckily, the hotel where I am staying is in a prime locale within walking distance of: Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Bryant Park, Central Park, Times Square, Magnolia Bakery.

I enjoy getting lost in the bustle and sounds of the streets and the seemingly endless activities. If only I were spending more than a day and a half there. I never seem to have enough time…My affinity for top-knots and quirky/trendy clothes feel more permissible and eating outside is a daily routine. Perhaps I glamorize it from my years of devotion to Sex and the City, but every time I visit is pretty amazing.

In my preparations, I was perusing outfit options while simultaneously flagging future purchases for October. Even though it’s barely Fall, a lot is going on sale and I want to be there to capitalize on the deals. My New York uniform includes skinny jeans, comfortable flats and top, aviators and a fabulous jacket, possibly one of the few seen here.

Thus, my (fledgling) New York/October inspiration…

Belts, H&M

Nature Wrap Watch in Tobacco/Gold, La Mer Collections, ideeli

Image c/o The Daybook

The above photo is from a lovely little blog I found via this image. Can you believe she’s actually pregnant in this picture? So cute! Be sure to check it out.


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