Weekend, Weekend

Image c/o Pinterest

Once Thursday rolls around I’m usually jonesing to get to the weekend. I mean, who isn’t? But I think my (literal) list of activities differs from most. My list isn’t mindblowingly awesome, but it makes me feel like my life is in order. By the time I’m done writing it I completely on board to blow past Friday and get elbow deep in my plans.

Caution: I swear I’m not uncool. I just re-read my list and I sound like someone who would be uncool. Trust. I am normal.

The sad part about the weekend (aside from it ending) is that I live for it. I want the week to pass so quickly because the weekend is so precious. Then it’s- poof- gone. I think we forget that there are 4.5 good days (Friday afternoon = the missing 0.5 day = the weekend) of living inbetween there that we deem as useless time when in fact it is not. True, most of the day for people is filled with work time, but weekdays are not off limit for living.

I made a simple list (I LOVE LISTS) of weekday f-u-n.

Some people may have more extensive lists or are more strapped for time (I have not yet filled up my schedule with dependents- human or feline/canine/etc.), so hopefully there is a spare chunk of relaxation in there somewhere.

With that I leave you with this little gem I affectionately call “Pasta Baby.” Enjoy!

Image c/o ComicsForNerds.net


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