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Image c/o Harper's Bazaar

Everyone loves a good slideshow. That is unless it’s your fourth class of the day and the student that put it together literally remembered at 9:30 pm the night before that he or she (usually he) had a presentation due. Been there. Watching, not presenting mind you.
Right, so, slideshows. They never cease to provide me amusement. The pictures eventually stimulate me into adding to my wardrobe, recipe box, Pinterest board, or beauty closet. Plus, it’s a handy way of having all the goods in one locale. I’m always interested in convenience and grouping by theme!
The above is from a Harper’s Bazaar STREET STYLE TREND REPORT: SPRING 2012. It’s a collection of the most on point trends for the coming season from the recent slew of fashion shows. I loved the blushing pink of the affectionately coined “mullet dress” along with that bangin’ oversized clutch. It would also be a perf maternity dress for that to-be mommy that still won’t switch to flats. I’m already in flats so…there’s really no change there. The dress (and the woman) on the right could be my twin if I, too, were a gorgeous model (which I am disappointedly not). I look forward to replicating that look on my own terms (and severely limited budget). If you’re not as futuristic as the fashion world, check out this sister page on Fall trends for circa now.
InStyle has a bottomless supply of slideshows. One of my favorites is the Look of the Day. There’s an Editor’s Pick and then some runner-ups. It changes every day (obvi). Here’s a little tasty sample. Both of these lovely ladies are wearing Jason Wu at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.

Images c/o InStyle

Lastly, I highly enjoy “best of…” slideshows. These usually are for beauty products. Allure just came out with the Best of Beauty 2011 awards. There are 236 winners in the various categories, i.e. way too much to post here, so peruse at will. But this little bitty is the Best Nail Polish Pale Pink, aka (drumroll) Essie Mademoiselle.

Images c/o Allure

Check out SELF and its amazing Fitness section for great workouts. There is a workout finder tool that guides you to your perfect workout using certain parameters. Now feeling the need to work off that bagel this morning…


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