Top K(no)t

Image c/o Suicidal Brunette

What she is thinking: This top knot owns.

Before I met my male partner in crime (euphemism for “boyfriend,” stay with me here), I was the top knot’s fan club president. My hair is super good at one thing and that is sucking any moisture out of the air thereby ruining the hour of effort it took to get it to look normal in the first place. So to tame my curly mane I would throw it up in a high bun. I was tickled to see the emergence of the top knot as a popular hairstyle. Finally my solution for my own hair was becoming socially acceptable. Now the aforementioned partner has, on more than one occasion, gently and not so gently suggested that the top knot should be retired. I have since demoted from a starring role in the movie of my life, but it still makes a cameo.

Image c/o Wit & Delight

What is a top knot, you ask? For me, it’s a literal translation. It is a bun, usually tightly wrapped, on the top of your head. It, thus, looks like a knot. There are successes and frightening fails. The art is to try and get it to look more effortlessly chic and less at-home face lift.

Image c/o Now Magazine

Image c/o Glamour

Image c/o Moodboard

The above are successes because they’re not trying too hard. Mandy Moore lets some wisps fall out while Elizabeth Olsen keeps it controlled yet free of large amounts of product. The last girl is just fierce and I want her outfit and hair on my person.

And then…sometimes…just no.

Image c/o Hollywood Pics

Kourtney K is a repeat offender of the too-tight-top knot. You may think it’s the widow’s peak that throws it off, but there are many out there, me included, that don’t suffer this way. Let it breathe, girl. I’m getting a headache just looking at it and that blouse. Is it me or is it obnoxious in here?

The takeaway from today’s lesson is this: Own the knot. Be the knot. Love the knot. Otherwise, you and the top knot should (k)not .


3 thoughts on “Top K(no)t

  1. male PIC is not a fan? what the what? this is my ONLY hair style. too bad my hair is so thin the bun is child sized and it makes me look like a pinhead

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