Scared to Color

Image c/o Ampersand Design Studio

My dear friend is afraid of color. I talked about her here– the neutral lover. I’ve been raking through the new arrivals at Anthropologie this week and I thought it would be fun to put together a colorful outfit for her that still makes her feel like she’s a professional woman who should be taken seriously (and fashionable-y).

Dress, Gathered Lace Dress, Anthropologie, $178

This dress is a wonderful lilac color with a dainty yet clandestinely bold texture. It’s professional and conservative, but not boring in the least.

Blazer, Sans Collar Blazer in Dark Orange, Anthropologie, $98

The dark orange is a refreshing change from the basic black blazer (the latter of which I believe to be a staple in any wardrobe). And how could you resist the grey and white polka dots. I think Stella McCartney would approve.

Necklace, Frozen Orchid Necklace, Anthropologie, $98; Belt, Hinged Belt in Yellow, (On Sale) $29.95, Anthropologie

The necklace brings out the purple of the dress and brings the eye downward from the high neckline of the dress and sits well between the deep-v of the blazer. I am such a sucker for long necklaces. It’s also quite a statement jewelry piece. This belt, worn around the waist, gives the dress a little more whimsy when the jacket is taken off.

Pair all of this with a nude pump and you’re ready to bring home that bacon, honey. It’s a little out of her comfort zone and that’s what she needs. Color blocking doesn’t always mean neon color. Next stop, pattern blocking. Baby steps.


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