Image c/o shannonblue on Etsy

I am a Halloweenie because I do not enjoy Halloween. Actually, I should say, I like the candy and the pumpkins. I do not like the dressing up. I have fond memories of dressing up when I was younger, but after high school, at least for females, the costume choices seem few. I refuse to wear anything that is labeled as “sassy.” There have been attempts on my part to dress as something creative, but the last couple years I have been decidedly nothing. A year ago I found myself on a couch with my girlfriend, a movie, a Libby’s pumpkin pie, and some wine and chili. It was lovely.

Tonight a pie will probably make a glorious return as well as a plate of gourmet burgers my roommate is fixated on creating and I will happily enjoy. I’m looking forward to the time when I get to help my own children get costumed and giddy to go door-to-door. I will also enjoy feasting on their candy because children are typically hyper without the influence of extra sugar. Hopefully they will be picky like my younger brother who, after collecting candy all night, would end up with a pile of Reeses and Skittles and I would get all his “throw aways.” Finally, a perk of being a big sister. Dividing this pile became a little more tricky when my younger sister was old enough to appreciate chocolate like me.

So I’ll carve pumpkins on my kitchen floor and pass out candy to children (I put my foot down at no older than 16) on my driveway, but don’t expect an All Hallow’s Eve invite from me any time soon. Thank goodness my manfriend feels the same.

Did I mention I highly enjoy pet costumes?

Images c/o Cute Overload and Pinterest


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