Zooey (and Kate) Crazy

Image c/o Us Weekly

BUT FIRST I must take pause to discuss my #sidechick, Kate (sorry, Honey, but you already knew this). It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, I woke up in my post-birthday glow/haze, turned on the news (as is my ritual in the morning), and my life as I knew it changed because Kate and William announced their engagement. The crazy thing was that I had never paid particular attention to the couple. Forgive my Twilight reference here but, it was almost as if in that moment I imprinted on Kate. I rapidly fell into an obsession and an almost unconditional love for her. There is no explanation for it. I just…love her.

So anyway! Apparently there are rumors that her eggo is preggo because over the weekend she declined to eat peanut paste, which I can only assume is the weird British equivalent to peanut butter. Even weirder is that Europeans don’t really like peanut butter. Ya. Still not over that. So we’ll see if it ends up being true. Poor girl gets hounded for being pregnant because she touches her belly (or where her belly should be) a couple times. We know one thing for sure, she’ll be a Rachel Zoe pregnant, i.e. are-you-really-pregnant-because-you’re-too-skinny-to-tell-and-I-hate-you-but-I-love-you.

Image c/o Molempire

Big topic change. My apartment loves New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. I have a girl crush on her because her character is a dork, like me. I don’t think I’m that…shall we say, clueless about the ways of the world at times. She has a pretty fly wardrobe and lovely hair. The show is funny to boot. You have hence received your recommendation to watch it.

Image c/o IMDB

Image c/o IMDb

She’s just so quirky and cute. Thus, over the weekend when I got my haircut, I got her bangs! I’ve had bangs for years, but haven’t tried them like this for a while. I had an unfortunate experience at student salon. Still have nightmares.

Did I mention I love her dresses? Love.

Image c/o Dani Helau's Blog

It’s too bad she and her husband areseparating. Final words: Her singing isn’t my style, but every Christmas I enjoy watching her in Elf. Team Zooey.


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