Well Thanks

Image c/o Rifle Paper Co.

Remember when you used to loathe writing thank you cards? Maybe you still do. Your mom or dad would basically force the pen into your hand by threatening to keep you inside instead of letting you escape across the street to play unless you finished your thank you cards. My mom would keep meticulous notes of who gave me what so my small pea brain could easily spout out, “Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for the ____. I love it. I can’t wait to wear/use/play with it. Love, Me.”

Then all of a sudden you’re asking for clothes and household applicances for Christmas and birthdays and complaining that you can’t wait until you can afford a nice sofa. Gasp! You’re an adult. You never saw this coming. Now you (hopefully) understand why thank you cards are important to send. Someone went out of their way to pick something out for you (regardless if you like it or not), wrap it up, make a trip to the Post Office, and send it to you sincerely hoping that you’ll appreciate it.

Bueller? Is this ringing a familiar feeling? Am I alone here? I like to send thank you cards. I like to think that when my grandma and grandpa get a little note from me it brightens their day. Plus, there is a veritible pupu platter full of fun thank you cards.

I won’t wax on about what I’m thankful for because that is reserved for going ’round the dinner table after turkey. The point is to remember to BE thankful. So whether they’re gold striped or simply letterpressed, let this time of year remind you how nice it is to hear, “Thank you.”

Image c/o Papyrus

Hummingbirds, Papyrus, $5.95

Papyrus is the go-to for unique cards. They almost make you want to keep and display at all times.

Image c/o Barnes & Noble

Thomas Paul Orange Elephant, Barnes & Noble, $8.95 for set of 10

I simply love elephants. Life goal: own elephant painting. That is, own painting by elephant. If it is an elephant painted by an elephant, well that’s just gravy (pun intended. It’s Thanksgiving).

Image c/o Walnut Paperie

Stationery 011, Walnut Paperie, $48.50

As seen here on Cupcakes & Cashmere, I’m in deep with this calligraphy and the inside detailing of the envelope. I would find excuses to write on it. Note: It doesn’t have to explicitly say “thank you” to be a thank you note. Get creative like this guy…

Image c/o Blue Barnhouse

T. Hanks, Blue Barnhouse, $5.00

For life’s most important thank yous.

Have the happiest of Thanksgivings!


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