Lose It! or Lose It

Image c/o New York Daily News

BUT FIRST! Did you watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night? Omgeezie. Taylor (far left, duh). Trainwreck. Adult women yelling. Witnessing the mental breakdown of a human being. Me: wide-eyed, in shock, staring at the TV. I hate it. I love it. Read this if you are unfamiliar and have nothing that’s immediately due and you don’t mind spoilers. That’s all.

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There are a bajillion (spelling?) pictures of fit women floating through Pinterest. Heck, there’s even a section devoted to it. They have a double effect on me. I’m motivated and yet I’m depressed. I’ve always been active, but one always forgets how much effort one must put in to achieve certain results. Sure, it’s a great idea to pin them to your board. The question (and ultimate challenge) is, are you going to actually do these things?

Side note: I actually do like the “Someone who is busier…” quote. I’ve used that on occasion.

My problem has always been tracking food and exercise. I’ve tried journals both online (lasts about 2 weeks) and on paper (lasts about 2 days). I would run into problems with portions and calories consumed/burned and end up fed up. Over the weekend my roommate introduced me to Lose It! It’s a free app (for Android too!) with an online component. Whether you track on the app or online, you can sync them and use together. Ja-ma-zing.

Let me tell you, it will change you. To create an account simply type in a username, password, weight/height, and your goal. My favorite feature has to be the bar code scan on the app. Just scan and it will automatically plug in the information. Plus, you can look up supermarket and restaurant foods, like Starbucks and Subway! You’ll find yourself choosing not to eat certain things because you don’t want to go over your budget. Or there will be certain days where you decide you need to run that extra 10 minutes so you can have that extra peanut butter cookie calling to you from inside Chunk, your holiday-themed penguin cookie jar.

Here is a little sneak peek at the website version.

Image c/o Lose It!

Click to add food or exercise. Thankfully the food tab breaks it out by meals and snacks.

Image c/o Lose It!

Say I want to add the apple I just had with my bagel. I’ll select Breakfast. Since I’ve already entered my apple on a previous day, I just have to select it out of the My Foods tab.

Image c/o Lose It!

Once I click the right food, I just select the size of the serving. This will automatically count the calories and add it to my day.

Image c/o Lose It!

The cals will also automatically be tracked on my homepage so I can stay within my daily budget to meet my goal.

Image c/o Lose It!

Invite your friends and lose it (winky face) together! Now don’t you get weight loss crazy. I’m not a licensed anything so this is an at-your-own-risk-type-thing. Pace yourself and have fun keeping yourself on track during the holidays. Then maybe one day you can start posting pics of your own abs. Dare to dream.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go enter my lunch.


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