Williams? Sonoma? Marco?

Image c/o Williams-Sonoma

There exists a store that you can walk in for no other reason but to explore. You know what I’m talking about. The Targets, the Crate and Barrels, the Anthropologies, the Pier Ones. You don’t need anything in particular, but you eventually find something that you had no idea how you survived without. Williams-Sonoma is one of those stores.

From the classic aprons to the wall of cookbooks, the second you enter the store a warm waft of something baking envelops you. Even if you don’t cook very often (ahem, I’m looking at you, Me) you are at least inspired to start cooking as soon as you get home.

I am featuring some little gems that my girlfriends and I found on our impromptu trip last Saturday.

Image c/o Williams-Sonoma

Melamine 4-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Multicolored, $27.97

There is a ring of nonslip rubber on the bottom of these bowls. It will make your day.

Image c/o Williams-Sonoma

Kuhn Rikon All-In-One Avocado Tool, $12.95

My friend flipped over this avocado tool. I see a lot of guacamole in the future. PS the fruit tools are major.

Image c/o Williams-Sonoma

Donuts Cookbook, $18.95

Pick a food. Heck, pick a food genre and there is a cookbook for it. My faves are obviously the sweet treats and the breakfast goodies. Did you need a donut maker? Surprise! You do because donuts are forever.

Images c/o Williams-Sonoma

Domed Glass Cloche, $19.00

Never have I been so thrilled to protect and display cakes, cheese, breads, and more! I am into monogramming almost everything and this sings right into my soul.

I may just have to make a special trip before my cookie exchange next week. A good enough excuse as any in my book!


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