Image c/o Weheartit.com

Our apartment is currently festively decked out. We have a baby tree with ornaments and pine-scented candles and even some stockings. My roommate provided all of these decorations and they are lovely. Next rental year I will be sans decorations. There is a lot of ground to cover.

While I was listening to my Christmas tunes (PS my Glee Cast (Holiday) station on Pandora is being pruned to absolute perfection), I found a lot of crafty (and inexpensive) things to do when I deck my own halls. There’s a veritable winter wonderland of ideas. (Are you over holiday puns yet?) P.S. I Made This continues to be a motivator to be creative and spruce up simple items, like dollar store pears.

Images c/o Pinterest.

I scoped some plastic ornament baubles at Michael’s and they were a measley $2! You can honestly stuff them with whatever you want. The ones featured above have feathers, rosemary, and a wedding invitation.

Image c/o Whipper Berry.

These Anthropologie-inspired trees are beyond precious. I think there is still time to make them. Oh, Mason jars…I love you.

Image c/o mer mag.

Ove the past few years where I have actually had to wrap my own presents (adulthood…), I have never directly purchased wrapping paper. I have a general dislike of wasting things. I have wrapped with magazines, newspaper, and sometimes paper bags from the grocery, like these from Trader Joes. It’s much faster (and greener) to simply write who the gift is for right on the paper! Toss it in the recycle bin after you’re done and then sit and wait for a polar bear to come hug you.

Image c/o Inspired Design.

Even the laziest of people could make this happen in their home. Collect ornaments in a specific shade or shape or just mix at random and place them in a large bowl. It makes a great centerpiece.

I’m getting jazzed for our cookie exchange on Sunday. I’ll share the recipe on Tuesday! Jazzed.


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