Rocky, Not Balboa

Image c/o Nordstrom

It’s been a bustling couple of days with grandparents and married siblings back in my hometown. Amid book reading and movie going and food chowing, I have let the diet and the blog slip a little. What can I say? I needed a little break. One thing I haven’t let slip is my vigilant eye to all things shopping.

Images c/o

This is one of the better times of the year for it. You may have gift cards or extra money from holiday gifts. And the sales are bangin’ right now. I am lucky enough to live near, what I consider, the best Gap Outlet in existence. I have been eagerly planning my trip there and plan on making it quite worth my wait.

Something else I have been eagerly planning is my purchase of a pair of riding boots. I finally took the plunge! They are the Corso Como ‘Rocky’ boot in Coffee (seen above). They are a Nordstrom exclusive and, pending the fit, I will have to control myself to avoid purchasing the other two colors. PS they were on sale AND I used a gift card. La, la, la for me!

Even though it has been a wonderful trip back home, I am looking forward to returning back to my apartment. I have some rearranging to do to make room for my Christmas gifts. Not a super big haul this year but I did get my sewing machine (talked about here)! I will most likely have to be peeled away from that thing.

Last on my holiday break list, finishing my book that has taken me WAY too long already and awaiting the arrival of my New Year’s Eve dress. Oh the agony.

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