New Year, New…

Image c/o Oasis

A new year brings a newness to almost everything. We’re going to try new things. We vow to do more or less of something. We want to make this year the best year evaaaaaaaa!

Image c/o FranklinCovey

For me, I got a new dress (seen here and now on sale!) for my new year and I scooped up a crucial part of my daily life: a planner. A lot of thought went into this planner by Sarah Pinto. I wanted room to write some notes but I didn’t need too much space since I’m doing a heck of a lot less English papers and Econ assignments. On the other hand, I didn’t want my planner to be bare bones. I wanted it to have a little pizzaz. Hope I like it.


Images c/o Google


I had a great holiday break and a wonderful New Year’s eve as well as a hopelessly fantastic anniversary. Even though most of those Facebook-ers that proclaimed that 2012 was going to be soooo much better than 2011 have gone back to being misers, I think this year is going to be a good one. Positivity, people!


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