Sans Snow

Image c/o Loulou Jordan Photography

Much of yesterday’s local news was saturated with warnings that a winter storm system would be passing through overnight and firmly continue throughout the next day (today). I became consumed with girlish delights that we may have a snow day. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed when I peeped through my sad Venetian blinds to the neighboring park and found not one speck of snow. Instead the road was simply damp. It’s not even that chilly outside.

Forgive my complaints. I may be alone in wishing that winter actually felt like winter. I’m thus pleased that we have not had the type of cold that literally freezes your skin, but I don’t live in Cali for a reason (nothing against it, of course). I like all four seasons. This winter season has been odd to say the least; that cannot be denied. It’s a bit disappointing. I hope it doesn’t last.

Here’s what I’ll be dreaming about tonight…

Images c/o Pinterest

Oh, and this…

Images c/o Pinterest

Aren’t you supposed to wear your PJs inside out and backwards for a snow day? Perhaps I’ll harken back to those blissful elementary school days. It’s worth a shot.

Update: And as I was writing this post…it finally…began to snow.


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