American Girl in Paris: Part Deux

My own delicious pic

(If you missed part une check it out here before you read. You can’t just jump into the second Harry Potter book. You’ll miss all the juice from book one!)

So if you’ve continued the journey with me from earlier this week, we’re still in Paris and we’re still obsessed with ModCloth. Welcome to part deux! I took the above pic at a café near Notre Dame. It is a true café au lait. Yes, it was as good as it looks. I have already covered off on the outfit itself. Now it’s time for outerwear and accessories! Like I said before, this trip to Paris will be taking place during the springtime so it’s not dress-and-no-cardigan weather. Simple layers will be key and it will finally be more acceptable to start bringing the brights out of the wings and onto center stage (unless you’re like me and buck some of those fashion traditions).

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Trench, Afternoon Uptown Coat, $89.99.

For the classic coat? A trench, duh! This one is just a little more fancy with the contrasting piping around the edges.

Modern: Coat, High-Ranking Style Coat, $99.99.

Another mullet-themed piece of clothing…I don’t have a mullet so I’m not sure what could be sparking this. I was drawn to this coat because I thought it would make a great and appealing visual to have the crinkled fabric of the dress I picked in part une peeking out of the front, plus it’s not the type of coat you see every day.

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Earrings, Cheer and Charm Earrings, $13.99.

These are adorable little earrings with…pearls! And bows!

Modern: Ring, Earn Your Wing Ring, $17.99.

Instead of earrings I chose another ring. Multiple rings and/or bangles is all the rage. This ring reminded me of one that I have that is the bottom detailing of a spoon wrapped around into a ring. I picked it up at a fair in my hometown and it oozes the handiness that I wish I had.

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Scarf, Sunset the Mood Scarf, $24.99.

If you thought [insert item of clothing here] was important in Europe, prepare to think differently. (PS these are all my opinions so they may not be 100% accurate so bear with me) The scarf is the ultimate. Everyone has one. Everyone is doing it. Invest in a cool scarf and don’t forget to pick one up while you’re there. Both of these scarves have two complimentary colors in them and make you look twice. I really like the light/navy blue for spring and when you take off your coat, it will match your dress!

Modern: Scarf, Two-tone Desserts Scarf, $29.99.

To me, this scarf screams, “I’m soft and comfortable and fabulous! WEAR ME!” So I say, “Okay, okay, Scarf. Calm down please and ask nicely next time. You’re kind of bossy, but I kind of dig it. Thank you.”

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Purse, City Market Pouch in Nut, $49.99.

A cross-body bag will suit you while traveling anywhere. Your hands are free for touching souvenirs and yummy pastries. This is a classic (using that word a lot, sorry. That’s what it is!) color and silhouette. The bright buckles and stiching around the edge will allow it to transcend any decade of style.

Modern: Purse, Grow and Prosper Shoulder Bag, $52.99.

You could have easily taken this out of your grandma’s closet when she was napping. This is a good thing! The unique pattern makes it a total keeper. Grandma will never remember that you borrowed it and forgot to return it. You can be forgetful, too. On another note, be careful when you wear this type of bag. Keep it in front of you at all times to avoid the rampant pick-pocketers. Luckily for you, I saw many femmes wearing their bags in the front. No odd-looking behaviors for you (except when you realize that you laugh at a much higher frequency than any of the natives)!

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Sunglasses, Shade-y Lady Sunglasses, $11.99.

Tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell and sunnies. That is all.

Modern: Sunglasses, You Can See Clearly Now Sunglasses, $29.99.

I want to take this spin on the avaitor. My eyes will thank me for this. Plus, I’m anti-crows feet.

And here the journey ends, my friends. You’ve seen two outfits of two different, yet similar (!), styles that would both be perfect for a fictional or real trip to Paris. Thanks to my fictional friends at ModCloth (and Google Translate) for making it so easy to do. I hope you enjoyed yourself! Au revoir et bon voyage!


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