Oh My Love Is…

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Last night I was lucky enough to travel back in time a little and help out with my sorority’s recruitment. It’s a three-day process of staying up late and being surrounded by your friends. It was strange to see so many unfamiliar faces and nostaligic to see the few familiar faces that are almost all grown up. I know sororities get a bad rap and people constantly say, “I didn’t pay for MY friends.” I don’t expect them to understand why anyone joins Greek life and I will tirelessly defend it because I know my sorority is something very special.

Image c/o Louboos and Shoes

Being back on campus was surreal. I only live a few minutes away, but I rarely go and visit. I haven’t even been out of college for that long and it already feels like everything has changed. All the memories of swapping collegiate melodramatic stories over lunch, walking to class and saying, “Hi!” to 12 different people, pounding Diet Cokes and cheesy bread from the hall store, and spreading all of your notes out over a huge table at the library. Those are the things that make me miss college. I don’t want to go back. Perhaps I just appreciate it more.

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I’m proud of the little cluster of us that has stayed in the same city after college for getting together on a pretty regular basis. It feels like a mini-reunion every time and I don’t get tired of catching up on old and new happenings. This Sunday we’re gathering for a brunch before we head over to campus to watch the brand new members unveil their choice of sorority. The chanting and singing, laughing, dancing, goofing, and deer-in-the-headlights-but-excited look in so many pairs of eyes will always bring me back. Five years ago it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Image c/o Reason to Breathe

…Alpha Phi. Oh my love is Alpha Phi. Oh my love’s the ivy, my love’s forget-me-nots, my love’s the silver and bordeaux.


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