Red All About It

Image c/o Apples and Onions

Well, hello, February, aka Hardest-Month-to-Spell! How are you? February is best known as the month of love. In college it became known as Cardiac Care month seeing as it is my sorority’s philanthropy. For this reason I saved my post for Friday. I hope you’re wearing red because it’s Wear Red Day!

I have prepared an homage to the red dress since it was a necessity of life to have one in our sorority. We held several fundraisers for our foundation that required red attire. I’ve been hunting around for a new one for our upcoming luncheon, as well as for Valentine’s Day (I had one for V-Day (because I plan ahead!) and then came a sudden/tragic order cancellation due to an oversell. Sup, Square One?). Red is to Valentine’s Day as sparkles are to New Year’s Eve. Amiright?

Images c/o Bluefly, Oasis, and Forever 21

1. Cynthia Steefe Burgundy Silk Chiffon Draped ‘Kenzie‘ Sleeveless Dress, Bluefly, $103.99

2. Manhattan Dress, Oasis, $69.99

3. Sheer Sleeve Pleated Dress in Red/Coral, Forever 21, $27.80 (umm…I bought this after I found it)

Images c/o Macy's, ModCloth, and Net-A-Porter

4. Donna Morgan Dress, Macy’s, $139

5. Plenty by Tracy Reese Caprese for You Dress, ModCloth, $247.99

6. Lover Christina Lace Dress, Net-A-Porter, $700

Whatever dress you choose doesn’t have to be straight up red, or blue, or anything else. It can be another shade or feature an interesting texture. The point is to have fun with your clothes! So if you’re like Carrie Bradshaw and shopping is your cardio too, get on out there today. Why? Because cardio is good for your heart, y’all!

Thank you, Shopping. You saved me again.


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