Ankle Biters

Image c/o Glitter Guide

Yesterday I came across an image that illcited joy and rapture in my young soul. Yes, friends, it is the picture you see above this here sentence. It inspired me to tweet to the world that this summer…I’m bringing sexy the anklet back.

Image c/o Spes Libert Atis

Remember how much you relished making friendship bracelets? You had so many stacked around your ankles that you had to fill up your wrists too. Those were the days. My mom had a rainbow of colored thread. I must have made one of those things for every person in my neighborhood. I took my obsession one step further and got a whole book devoted to all the bracelets you could ever dream of (I recently found it at a book store- oh, the memories!).

This time around I’m going for a more polished/stylish homage to the anklet. Now, we are all well aware of the arm party. Girls love it, boys don’t get it. I’m dreaming of an ankle party as seen on these lovely ladies.

Images c/o Move Slightly, Pretty Little Wild Fox, and Sincerely, Jules

I’m not going to stack them until the cows come home just yet. Start simple to build confidence.

Images c/o Shopbop

I found this and this on Shopbop. They are a little on the spency side, but they are perfect examples of what I will be looking for in the coming months. If anything, this little (possibly DIY?!) project will build the excitement for naked ankles, which can’t come soon enough.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this mini-hidden identity game will entice you to follow suit. Can you guess which tiny mogul has already been spotted wearing my (new) favorite accessory?

Got a guess? You’ve probably already peeked slash can see it because there’s not enough text between the former and latter picture with the answer…so that stinks. I didn’t even caption the last image because it would have given it away. Alas…

Images c/o Olsens Anonymous

…it’s none other than…Ashley Olsen! (It is her, right? MK always wears borderline-homeless outfits, so it has to be Ashley.) If the Olsens are already doing it then we’re way behind, much like Paris fashions.

My (eventual) political platform? Anklets (and ice cream) for everyone!


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