Beads & Beignets

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I am a huge indulger. I have a supremely hard time not giving in to food temptations, healthy diet or not. If something delicious comes my way, I will find a way to excuse my eating it. Mardi Gras is today, which, I feel, is on every indulger’s radar. I plan on going at those cupcakes I made over the weekend as soon as I get home. They’ve been saucily taunting me from their air-tight (and little do they know, falsely secure) Glad containter for days now. They’re lucky they’ve made it this long…okay, it’s technically been one full 24-hours, so they’re lucky I’ve made it this long. Enough about cupcakes.

Last year I got to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Having been there twice before (once to renew a passport – “another story” – and then for a Sugar Bowl), I quickly realized how little I had really experienced in the city. We stayed with friends and despite an incident with a dog destroying a most beloved pair of new jeans, I very much enjoyed myself, both gastronomically and aesthetically.

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Yes, that’s my father in the yellow and my sister walking away. He may have just said something ridiculous. So besides attending a swanky ball sponsored by my dad’s place of employment, my family and I toured about the French Quarter. The area is amazingly European and one couldn’t help but join in the spirit of the events. Everywhere you turn there are beads or flags or someone with a drink in hand. We stayed away from the general mayhem since my sister isn’t of age and, yes, I still had fun.

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One of my favorite parts was (obvi/duh/c’mon/puh-leeze) the beignets at Cafe Du Monde – oh, please excuse me…those do look amazing…my mouth waters. Walking around to all the quirky shops of local artists was also a treat. I purchased a funky key hook made from scrap wood and on it a mounted fleur de lis with two hooks. My description sounds hideous, but it really is neat-o.

I caught a lot of beads from the floats that passed by during the ball, so many that it was physically a little painful to stand upright. Andy Garcia, of Ocean’s Eleven fame, was the King of Mardi Gras that year. I would have liked to attend this year since Will Farrell will be adorn the coveted crown. My dad told me a funny story that entailed him timing Elijah Wood getting off the King’s float with casually using the restroom. His logic? “You know they’ve been on that float for, like, four hours. They go straight to the bathroom. I wanted to meet Frodo.” The outcome? “Frodo is very short in real life.”

Happy Mardi Gras! Now what to give up for Lent…that snuck up on me. Ideas anyone?

On one final note, I have my collar popped today and feel a sense of purpose and power.


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