Magazine Collaging

Images c/o Respective Magazines

If I could subscribe to as many magazines as I wanted, I would have a veritable library of them. Unfortunately, I barely get through the ones I have before the new wave is crammed into my tiny mailbox and a habit like this can be a bit expensive. I love the ads, the features, the stories, the fitness routines, the delicious meals, and the fashion spreads.

Above are my favorite magazines. Newsweek for news (duh). Vogue and InStyle for fashion (my favroite favorite topic). Cooking Light for healthy recipes of classic food. SELF for fitness. Real Simple for organizing and life tips of all sorts. The next great part about magazines is when you get to tear things out! You really can’t do that with any other medium. You can write in a book, but I don’t like to do that. A magazine has multiple purposes and once you’re done with them, you can simply toss them in the recycle bin guilt-free. They’re also useful for packing. Newspapers leave that nasty ink everywhere. Ick.

I conside a magazine as temporary art. Every picture in there is, at its core, a photo, a work of art. Why not put them everywhere? You can start…at your desk.

This is my mural at my desk. It has evolved from blank walls and I have steadily constructed it over time. With some cheap pins and frames, it’s my pride and joy, which simultaneously keeps me inspired at work. The bright colors, beautiful faces, and stunning clothes/accessories are more than enough to keep my spirits up when I can’t directly see a window.

My Own Image

1. Playful ads for Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

2. Framed editorial for Alexander McQueen and ad for Louis Vuitton.

3. Magazine covers of my favorite ladies: Sara Jessica Parker for Elle and Rachel McAdams for InStyle.

4. Love-y ads for Tiffany’s and an editorial on the royal wedding.

5. Cut outs of nature and Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade.

6. An unexpected postcard from a dear friend during a time of life turbulence featuring a quote from Oscar Wilde: “A grapefruit is a lemon that had a chance and took advantage of it.”


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