Grace Weber

Image c/o Grace Weber

You probably have not heard of Grace Weber. I hadn’t either until I was working on a project at my (now former) job. I listened to a small selection of her songs on a whim (there were hundred of other artists I could have listened to) and I feel as though I have unearthed a rare gem.

Without listening to the full album, I purchased “Hope & Heart” this afternoon and took a walk in my neighborhood. The weather outside feels exactly like the very beginning of a summer’s day. The sun is just close enough that I could feel an inkling of warmth. It was like it was trying to tell us that Spring is almost here. Runoff from the melting inches of snow that was unceremoniously dumped on Friday was collecting on the sidewalks under my feet. It was almost too perfect to have Grace’s soothing vocals pulsing through my ears.

If you like Sara Bareilles, Corinne Bailey Rae, and/or Coblie Caillat, you will just eat up this album. My favorite track is “Hitchhiker.” I won’t be taking a car with me when I move, but this is what would blast from my speakers with the windows down. Maybe people watching on the “beaches” of Lake Michigan will be a suitable alternative.

“& Heart” was the most inspiring song on my walk today. Something in the lyrics makes it so romantic and so comforting. I want to dance around amidst all the boxes and tape rolls and various odds and ends that litter the apartment.

I’m not working this week so between breaks in my marathon of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix (already on Season 3), I think I will be cranking some Grace.

Hope your Tuesday is magical.


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