I Want Carrie’s Place

Some of my best thoughts happen between sleeping and waking. Lately, they have been apartment-themed because I finally have a place, albeit a tiny studio, that I can make all my own. One of two of these “best thoughts” was to wall-mount my TV (thankfully, my dad is quite handy with a drill). Thought two of two happened yesterday morning. Here it is…

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is a studio, too. Okay, so, I get that it’s not that profound to some. For me, this was like a bolt of lightning. Why wouldn’t I use her apartment(s) (if we include the movie makeover apartment) as my guide?

Image c/o mirrormirror

Makeover apartment: I had a picture frame mural as a makeshift headboard at my old apartment. It is definitely time to get some things on the walls, but, in my own defense, it would be a mistake to hang anything up if I am still moving around furniture, a word I use loosely because everything I have is a misfit from college.

Image c/o mirrormirror

Old apartment: This is pretty much the current status of my new digs. The mix of the old and the new is what I will be aiming for as I begin to visit stores around the city.

Image c/o mirrormirror

Makeover apartment: Before I moved, I bought a graphic area rug in hopes that it would fit under my bed. I made several measurement errors due to the fact that I didn’t measure before I purchased. I know, I know, I know. I am not going to do it again. When I saw her rug this way, I put my laptop aside and did some moving. My little desk mysteriously crept towards the window as well.

Image c/o mirrormirror

Old apartment: At the end of the day, I favor Carrie’s old apartment. It has so much more character. Every piece stands alone with its own story and yet they group together to form a home.

Since I moved in last Friday, I have been toying around with various arrangements for my furniture. It is in the super-early stages where I am simply placing the crap possessions I already have in any space that is available. Next will come the fun part: putting ideas into action, especially now that I have my perfect inspiration.


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