Kate’s the Spring in My Step

Image c/o US Weekly

The happiest of Springs to all! The dreaded Winter is gone at last! [Insert evil cackle here] Most of America is experiencing weather more frequently found in Summer, which is fine by me because I love wearing the ballet flat’s cousin, the sandal. Now that I think about it, I am a very picky dresser. I don’t usually wear shorts or khakis or pumps or espadrilles or wedges, but never say never (but I didn’t say never, but it seems to fit here). I do put my foot down (pun intended) when it comes to what are being called wedges (like these), which is really a euphemism for clown shoe.

Anyway. If you pay an iota of attention to the news, you more than likely saw Kate Middleton in a (now famous) pair of coral jeans. I will happily jump on that bandwagon as this season is all about color. I know this because InStyle came in the mail yesterday and it told me so. I sound really brain dead saying all of this, but I really do like to follow what is hip and happening. These jeans? They’re happening. And hip, just to cover all of our bases. Other celebs, like Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker, love them as well.

It was her other coral jeans outfit that I most fancied. She has an innate ability to dress classically with a modern twist. You can see that her outfit is prim and proper, but the coral color makes it all current and on trend.

Image c/o Glamour

Anyone can create this outfit right out of their own closet with just a few easy pieces; some you may already have!

Images c/o Macy’s, The Outnet, and Oasis

Jeans, Joe’s Jeans The Skinny Jeans in Geranium, Macy’s, $158

Scarf, Lily and Lionel French Scene Wool and Silk-Blend Scarf, The Outnet, SALE: $107.25

Jacket, Double Breasted Soft Jacket in Navy, Oasis, SALE: $45

Grab a white t-shirt and your choice of shoe (I personally would have done a nude or gold flat, but I’m not a princess so…) and you’re out the door! It’s a great start to your spring wardrobe.

If you are as obsessed with Kate’s style as I am, hop over to this blog I found today: Kate Middleton Style Blog. I am sure there are more out there, but this one is top notch.


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