Fill in the Spaces

Image c/o 20×200

With wood in places to make it feel like home. – John Mayer

Whew, have I been busy lately. Work has kept me cranking during the day and by quittin’ time I just want to eat dinner and pass out. This past weekend was full of activities with me, myself, and my former roommate, with whom I dined at RPM Italian (Giuliana and Bill’s new restaurant). If you have the chance, you MUST go there. It is divine and we ate our weight in food.

I like having some weekends to myself to reconnect and get centered. Sometimes I procrastinate a little too much and the smaller items on my “to do” list get passed up again and again. One of those was buying some real furniture. I mentioned before that I have a mash-up of various pieces that I have collected over the years, none of which actually work cohesively together. For the better part of an afternoon, I scoured through websites and measured my apartment top to bottom (figuratively speaking). Then I dove down the financial rabbit hole and spent more money than I ever have at one time. Yikes, adulthood.

Something else I tend to do it to agonize over my choices. I think, “Is this the best deal?” or “Is there something cooler/better/prettier?” or “Do I really need this?” At some point you just have to stop and give in and be happy with your choice. “I choose my choice! I choose my choice!”

So with a helpful BOGO 50% off from Target and some pin-spiration (get it? (Pinterest – terest) + (inspiration – in))(I can’t believe I still know how to do math!), I got some lovely items that are on there way. Sadly, my accent chair won’t get here until May, but I am practicing patience. My line-out-the-door of guests will just have to wait!

Image c/o Patterson Maker

Images c/o Target

Chair, Office Star White Trinidad Desk Chair, Target, $199.99

Desk, Dolce Desk – White, Target, $139.99

There is barely anything on the walls. I’m still waiting for pin-spiration for that. This week try to cross something off your list that has been popping up for a while. Trust me, you’ll feel a world better after it’s completed.


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