Sad Mac

My technological self got turned upside down this week. But first, the clip above is a gem (remember those Mac laptops? I wanted one so badly). This is pretty much how I reacted when it all went down and interacted with the cable tech when he came to my apartment the next morning, minus a bf around to make me freak out more.

You see, my cable went out on Tuesday. Not a big deal because I shouldn’t even have TV as part of my package as I have only been watching Netflix for 3 weeks (I am probably going to get rid of cable after this experience). I called the cable company and they said there was an outage in my area. Okay, fine, whatever, I have Netflix.

Wednesday eve rolls around and I boot up my little Roku and the internet is out. GAH! I call again to say the cable AND the internet are out. Apparently the outage had been fixed so my problems became isolated. The tech was scheduled to come out to see what’s up the next morning. I was in deep despair until about 8:30 when I realized that I possessed a perfectly functioning DVD player. Salvation. Later I got to thinking, when did I become so dependent on technology? It’s quite sad really.

(I built an entire baker’s rack before he got there and) After approximately 10 minutes of looking at my cable he said there was nothing he could do. Now the people in the rig have to come out an fix it on Monday morning.

Image c/o Robot Monkeys

Fortunately, I am not going to be in my apartment very much this weekend so I won’t be plagued with deciding between finishing my taxes, finding a solution to replacing my new desk that arrived damaged sans personal vehicle transportation, or (gasp) exercising, or (gasp gasp) reading a book!

This week is good and done as far as I’m concerned. I was without my better half all week (returns from vacay today!!!) and as Lent is drawing to a close I am getting more and more stressed out about not being able to shop. I know it sounds insane, but I am seriously cracking under the no-spending pressure.

So three things before you go:

1. If you haven’t seen this certain Tumblr yet, you’re missing out. I saw this one today and, for me, it couldn’t be more true.

2. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop.

3. Have a fabulous weekend!


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