Jean Vest + Maxi Dress

Today is the first day that I officially get to shop again. I have been buzzing all morning and can’t wait to hit the streets at the close of business today. A carefully crafted list was created to keep me from amassing a heaping pile of things that I really don’t need yet may be induced to buy in a shopping blackout.

One combo of an outfit has my current (and fleeting) attention. In the last issue of InStylethere lived a spread featuring the jean vest with the maxi dress. I lack either of the two items I have laid out for you. There are a few midi dresses in my closet so, for me, the maxi dress just seems like a natural extension. The jean vest is just a dressing-down element that makes it/me cooler.

In my search, I see a softer patterned, sweeping dress paired with the vest and some sandals. The pic in the magazine had a long necklace, too.

Image c/o Forever 21

Images c/o Piperlime

1. Vest, Forever 21, No Longer Available Online

2. Dress, Rebecca Taylor Tie Dye Smocked Silk Dress, Piperlime, FINAL SALE: $197.97

3. Dress, Collective Concepts Paintbrush Strokes Maxi Dress, Piperlime, $89

4. Dress, LA Made Cami Maxi Dress, Piperlime, $123

5 o’clock can’t be here soon enough!


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