Have You Laughed Today?

Image c/o Pinterest

No, I don’t mean to refer to the Babybel cheese slogan. But while we’re on the topic, I don’t know why someone would laugh while eating cheese. Although, I have been laughed at for dipping my finger ever so delicately into the nacho cheese after all of the nachos are gone.

I digress. This work week has been particularly hectic with a big, big meeting looming in the very near future. People are scrambling around to make things happen, which is not good for stress levels, which directly (negatively) affects my waistline since I am infamously known for stress eating. The latter is on a particularly slippery slope with all of the Easter holiday candy at my immediate disposal. And I’m so close to my goal weight! Must…press..ONWARD! (Pops toffee in mouth)

I needed a laugh/some inspiration today and I found it. I feel better. I hope you can pull through for just one point five more days until the weekend! And for those of you that have to work over the weekend…I wish I could say something inspirational for you [here]. And for those of you that do not work…I just- everyone have a good weekend, okay?!

Image c/o Brit

I could absolutely see myself making these PB+J Sushi Rolls one day. My peanut butter to jelly ratio is about 3:1 so adding more fruit will only help. Swap out the peanut butter and jelly with Nutella? Oh, the possibilities!

Image c/o Life

This photo is of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly at the 1956 Oscars. I’ve been feeling particularly retro after starting Season 1 of Mad Men this month. These two women are style icons and just so beautiful. They remind me of my dear, Kate Middleton. (Audible sigh)

Finally, my laugh of the day. I emitted a singular loud “HA!” when I saw it. Chunky doggy…

Image c/o Pinterest


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