DIY: T-Shirts & Bracelets

My evenings usually have a couple hours that are free for just me time. I usually get in a workout after which I make dinner and watch TV. If there’s something to clean up, I’ll get it done (minus those two loads of laundry in my closet, those I cannot d0).

Now that I have a better lay of my neighborhood land, I want to do some more productive things. I found these projects below that particularly intrigue me. They will be perfect for the upcoming colorful and warmer months. Bonus: you can make them without a manual. That’s what I love about P.S. I Made This. Just simple steps and you have something you made.

Image c/o Pinterest

Tying the bottom triangle of a t-shirt? Easy and chic.

Image c/o Birchbox

A customizable bracelet for everyone. Gold is so coming back.

Image c/o Pinterest

First of all, I love anything tie-dye. Just cut out the back and wrap the extra material around the straps. Can someone say, “beach cover-up?”

Image c/o Saifou

I would like one of each!

D-I-Yes, please!


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