My Etsy Wishlist

Image c/o sparrownestscript

If you like buying things that are unique, look no further than Etsy. I’ve been an Etsy fan for years (even sold some things on it!) and now that I am in my own apartment, I have been turning to this site for various prints for my (still) bare walls (don’t rush me). I like that everything on the site feels like a more personal purchase. I especially like the vintage-y feel of something handmade, like these Pssst Mini-Notecards. Sometimes I’ll get a little carried away with adding items to my Urban Outfitters wishlist and then I realize that what I’m buying is not special; it’s just made en masse in a factory somewhere (don’t get me wrong though, I do love UO).

There are several gifting occasions on the horizon: weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduation day. I invite you to visit Etsy and find a gift not sold in a store.

Here are a few items I have had my eyeball on.

Image c/o Diana Parkhouse

A personalized ring dish for any upcoming weddings.

Image c/o imagerich

A vintage map of my hometown. I’m seriously in to the “city” theme lately.

Image c/o junedesigns

A whisper thin gold ring made from recycled 14K yellow gold.

Image c/o LibbieandWinston

A monogrammed mouse pad. So fetch.


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