Thirsty Thursday

Image c/o With Style & Grace

There has been an influx of amazing weather in Chicago. Albeit, only two days of it, but they have been consecutive days so everyone is in a state of bliss. It’s linen pants weather. And if you haven’t caught on, I love linen pants. Sadly, my favorite black linen pants are too big because…I have reached my (first) goal weight! Ya ya! If you recall, I started using Lose It! in December and have managed to not give up. I’m pressing onward to see if there is a second goal weight to reach before there is a need to be in a bikini.

So back to the jah-mazing weather- it totally puts me in the mood to sip a fruity cocktail (while wearing my linen pants, on a roof deck feasting on a super fabulous meal alongside my besties, obvs). I can’t wait to try and conjure up these concoctions I’m featuring, especially these Riesling Strawberry Slushies. It may be a tad early to start dreaming, but dreaming keeps me from making unhealthy, spontaneous clothing and/or furniture purchases.

Image c/o Delish

Watermelon Gin Fizz. These may need to make an appearance at my little sister’s high school grad party.

Image c/o Everyday Entertaining

Blueberry Strawberry Lemonade. If there is one thing I love more (slash equal to) a sundress in summer, it’s lemonade.

Image c/o Eddie Ross

Summer Sangria. Ay Dios! If I close my eyes I am back in Spain…

Happy sipping (21-and-over year olds)!


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