My New Dinner BFs

Y’all. I sincerely apologize for how MIA I have been lately. There is still some seriously serious striking between my work-life balance to do. It’s been a tough go thus far. I’m still getting used to seeing my oldest friends every other weekend and the work week simply flies by too fast for me to stick to a good routine. As soon as I get home, I turn on a workout video so I am not tempted to collapse onto my bed and not move an inch until dinner.

Since I’m finding it difficult to get into a solid routine, which, for me, is a necessity for sustaining life, I have been celebrating the small victories, like mastering my grocery shopping and meal planning. Oh yes, I also love lists.

I collect a lot of recipes because I am a very picky eater (as if I couldn’t add one more thing to my list of “Why I’m Weird”), so when I find something I think I would like I tear it out of whatever magazine or hoard it on my Pinterest board. My latest and favoritest find was these pizza puffs.

Image c/o Lick the Bowl Good

Instead of pepperoni (because A) I like sausage better and B) I couldn’t find pepperoni at my local Trader Joe’s), I used some spicy Italian chicken sausage. I also used a regular muffin pan instead of a mini. Had they been mini size I may have been tempted to pop them (and a day’s worth of calories) like it’s hot. They were a hit when I made them over this past weekend and then I made them again on Monday. I’ve had them as leftovers (still good) every day this week.

The other food gem I am obsessed with is my summer salad concoction. It’s basically lettuce and a smattering of every fruit in my baby fridge plus this Bolthouse Farms Raspberry Merlot Vinaigrette dressing – oh, this dressing – I found at Whole Foods, it’s just the dog’s tuxedo. This week my salad contains pears and strawberries accompanied by their good friends, dried cranberries and pistachios. Take note that these are four things I was not eating a few years ago, in fact, the latter two are new foods to me as of this year. I just don’t know what’s gotten in to me! Next thing you know I’ll be eating tomatoes! Bleh, ew, no. Tomatoes are gross.

My Own Image

Don’t you want some of that? Me too. Thank goodness it’s lunchtime. I’ve been waiting a whole 3 hours already.


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