Image c/o Lol Passion

Like Carrie and the Girls, I have Secret Single Behavior (SSB) even though I’m actually not single. I pretend sing karaoke. I also talk aloud to myself. I do video workouts on the TV like some middle-aged mother of three. “It’s weird but it just feels good!”

Living alone has it’s perks. In addition to the weird things I do above, I get to indulge in some of my more lazy behaviors as well. I get to wear whatever I want (like the pj shorts that my boyfriend thinks are ugly when, in actuality, they’re super cute), I get to watch whatever TV I want (right now it’s a marathon of Private Practice and I watched it all. weekend. long.). There’s a desk to return that’s been sitting here for over a month now (which is no longer my fault because Target is physically mailing me a return label due to technical difficulties). You get the idea.

The video above  portrays my weekdays relatively accurately, minus the mess. I really am not that messy. Or gross. I do, however, not launder my clothes for rather lengthy stints of time (2 loads this weekend). It all stays in the laundry basket though. No way I’m giving up bed real estate to dirty clothes.

I’m not bashing the living-alone-lifestyle. It helps to have some time to decompress from everything and everyone, which I really needed. These past two days I took some lovely walks and hung out with some cool folks, but when you’re alone too many days in a row it gets a little lonely. For now, I will enjoy sweating to Zumba solo, thanks.


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