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There comes a time when you read and/or hear something that brings up a darker part of your bad habits. That time when you’re forced to look at what you do and question it. No one really likes it. It means you have to admit to something that you thought was pretty harmless before, but now have to re-examine because it kind of makes you feel like you have a 20-lb. kettleball in your stomach. This happened to me while I was noshing through my lunch and my Bloglovin feed. I came across a particularly interesting video featured on Refinery 29. I’ll admit that what really caught my eye was the “SJP” in the headline. I’m a sucker for anything SJP, obviously. (Maybe she’ll end up in one of the Girl Crush posts) (Who are we kidding? She will, duh)

I read through the intro to the video, which I found out was actually a trailer for the documentary, $ELLEBRITY, and it roped me in even more. Buzz about this documentary is cruising through the internet as we speak. I urge you to watch it and then read my thoughts.

Since I am a self-diagnosed identified celeb follower, I feel that I may appropriately comment on how I feel about the touchy/toxic love/hate relationship of celebrities and the paparazzi. I will try to bullet out my thoughts so they won’t seem as jumbled as they are in my head.

1. I love celeb gossip as much, if not more, than the next person. Those magazines don’t make it into my arms as I board the plane because I believe what they say just like those two girls from the video (I hope I don’t sound as dumb as they do, but, dang it, I probably do). I’m in it for the pictures showing what people are doing in their everyday lives. Point well made, Trailer. I think my life is boring and I want an outlet to see into the lives of other people that I’m lead to believe have more a more interesting existence.

2. I am still debating on the whole argument behind “celebrities need to get over the paparazzi because that comes with the job.” Yes, being in the public eye is part of their job, but is being hounded part of their job? I understand that when they’re at a sanctioned event, like a charity or an awards show, they should accept the paps. But when they’re out with their kids, that’s a different story. I would go all mama bear on someone that got too close to my (presently fictional) child.

3. Now I know why celebs wear sunglasses at night. It’s not because of the song or because the sun never sets on being awesome. It’s because the flashes from the cameras are so bright they can’t see. Can you imagine how you would be able to see after you emerge from the basement after ending hour 3 on The Sims and someone shone a strobe light in your face? (Don’t ask me how I thought of that question)

4. The #1 of 2 biggest kicker in my gut was when I glimpsed what’s on the other side of these photos.

Image c/o Google

It’s not just one or two people tagging along. It’s a ton. In their face. Constantly. And again, when there are kids around, it’s no wonder that we see outbursts from certain celebrities.

5. The #2 of 2 biggest kicker in my gut was hearing that it took Napoleon his lifetime to become famous and it took Charlie Chaplin a month. Or how people think that posting a video to YouTube will make them famous. I detest the Kardashians, but they’re not the only offenders. It sucks to look in the mirror and remember that we’re the ones that are watching their TV shows, perpetuating their infamy fame. If you are going to complain about people like them, make sure that you’re not an active participant in their antics.

I don’t mean to be a preachy, Debbie Downer. Am I going to stop buying gossip magazines or watching reality TV? No, not completely. I mean, yes, I can stop watching reality TV because I don’t have cable, so check that off the list. But I will double take when I feel the urge to buy that magazine or jump over to the number of celebrity news sites I check.

Do you think you consume too much celebrity? Will you watch this documentary when it comes out?

To end on a lighter note, there is a 6th thought.

6. Was anyone else a little Awkward Turtle when they saw Marc and J.Lo interviewed together? Guess there was no re-shoot post-divorce.

Image c/o YouTube


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