Going for the Gold

Image c/o IKEA and A Different View

I am a crafter at heart. I love seeing something that I think is fabulous and then trying to imagine how to recreate it at a lower cost. There’s something about making it my own that really draws me to want to use my hands. One such project that is currently taking place (at a glacial pace) is a grey and white chevron backdrop for my TV.

The idea came to me when I realized how annoyed I was with all of the exposed wires. Once I hang up my creation this week, I’ll be sure to post it here. I have made a promise to myself to not start this new project that I will describe to you below until I finish said TV backdrop. My apartment is finally in a semi-normal state and I don’t want to indulge my crafting ADD any more than I already am.

So where did I get my brilliantly shiny plan? I was surfing through a post on The Glitter Guide about great ideas for your home office. Granted, I live in a studio so my living space is many spaces in one. My “home office” is a desk and chair by the window. Thus, a multi-functional space calls for multi-functional furniture. Long ago (so like, last week) I decided that the final empty space in my apartment would be best suited by a storage/bookcase structure. When I saw the two images below, my brain had a moment and I knew I had found my answer!

Images c/o The Glitter Guide and Bryn Alexandra

Do you get it yet? No? Okay, I’ll break it down. The Glitter Guide (on zee left) told me, “Being organized is beautiful and you can do it with sweet baskets.” Bryn Alexandra (on yer right) told me, “There’s this gorgeous new line at IKEA that could make all your dreams come true.” I said, “Sold, but – roadblock – that IKEA bookshelf is ugly black brown and I need it to be in gold.” Luckily, my inner crafting goddess said none too soon, “Just do it.”

So soon my painting-IKEA-furniture-gold adventure begins. I am not sure how long it will take or how much I will hate myself for deciding to do it because IKEA furniture is like rocket science to put together in the first place. Good luck, me!


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