My World is Flats

Image c/o Refinery 29

Classic Prep Colorblock Flats, Threadsence, $38

I know a lot of ladies out there get their jollies from the highest of heels. Maybe I’m uncoordinated, maybe I am fearful of being “too tall,” heels are simply not a part of any routine for me. I’m also not that girl that is complaining from her feet hurting three hours into a night out. My pain tolerance can’t handle it. For me, flats are the best. I walk a lot to and from work, the grocery store, you get the picture. I love to walk.

This slideshow from Refinery 29 brightened my day and thinned out my virtual wallet. The title of the post calls them “Office Friendly” but I call them “Life Friendly.” Enjoy.

Image c/o Refinery 29

Melinda Exotic Embossed Leather Slingback, Ann Taylor, $115

Image c/o Refinery 29

Lady Bombay Patent-Leather and Mesh Ballet Flats, Christian Louboutin, $695

Image c/o Refinery 29

Gemma Two-Tone Flats, Elizabeth & James, $175

Image c/o Refinery 29

Botticelli Lace Up Sliver Wedge Sandals, MIA, $39


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