Gap Addict

Image c/o Gap

Eyelet Dress, Gap, $34.99 SALE

Why? Wore to a wedding. Obviously bought the navy one, which is now not available. Obviously.

I’ve been suffering from a total addiction to Gap lately. Here is what I think may be provoking me to shop there:

  • It’s summer and I like to throw on easy outfits
  • It’s the Olympics and I am having an Americana moment
  • I’ve lost weight so I’m updating my wardrobe with clothes that fit
  • I live and work very close to the store
  • I have linked my Gap card to my account profile and that makes online shopping super easy (probably a bad idea in hindsight)
  • They have many amazing sales and I buy almost nothing at retail (one is going on now BTW)

These are not just images of what I think is cute. These are things I have actually purchased to possibly communicate to myself that Gap and I need to go “on a break”. I wrote a Why? blurb to justify that I’m not just buying for the sake of buying. There was a purpose. Is this a cry for help?

Image c/o Gap

Roll-Sleeve Shirtdress, Gap, $59.95

Why? A shirtdress is an essential staple. I have been wearing a lot of white, too.


Image c/o Gap

1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? I’m starting to experiment with new styles. The boyfriend jean is my first project. This color goes with everything and they’re very comfy. I’m wearing them right now actually. With a striped shirt just like the model. Totally unplanned. I didn’t completely copy because you know I am not wearing heels.

Image c/o Gap

Gap Pure Ribbed Dress, Gap, $49.00

Why? I tried this on on a whim. I don’t usually wear body con, but I thought I would give it a whirl on my improved figure. It turned out to be beyond comfortable and chic. It was exactly what my 10 hour plane ride for vacation demanded.

Image c/o Gap

1969 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? Usually, Gap is the only brand that can fit me and my pear-shape. Usually. Sometimes it is a complete miss, but, eh, it happens. I head straight for pants that are mid-rise because we Pears know that too low of a rise is bad news. I fell in love with these jeans and buying them in a size smaller than my typical size was the cherry.

Image c/o Gap

Suede Loafers, Gap, $39.95

Why? I haven’t met a Gap shoe that I bought and didn’t like. They just came out with a bunch of new loafers that are just precious. These make me want to walk to get a scone.

I heart you, Gap.


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