Stripes + Florals

Image c/o Atlantic-Pacific

For me, the saying holds true: A closet (dresser and under-the-bed storage) full of clothes and nothing to wear. Some days I truly struggle to dress myself. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a funky mood or if I just don’t feel like I have a wardrobe that is truly the me I want to be. Cheesy, I know. However, when I get dressed it is usually an expression of how I’m feeling and/or how I want to portray myself to the world for that day. Who knows if anyone notices. I just like to think that my clothes are the first (and maybe only) impression a stranger may get and I want it to be a good one despite their feelings about my personal style. A simple, “She looks nice today” would suffice. And if you say it to my face, I may even remember you for a whole day! There’s your 15 minutes in my life.

I was trolling through Pinterest over the weekend and I came upon a new (to me) blog, Atlantic-Pacific. I’m always on the hunt for outfit inspiration that is a little bit daring but is still me. This is exactly what I found with this stripes and florals combination.

Image c/o Atlantic-Pacific

The mixture of patterns is very now. In this particular outfit, both the skirt and the top are in relatively the same color family. I actually attempted this same look today using an Oxford shirt with thin, light blue horizontal stripes and a floral chiffon skirt in a purple/pink/yellow/brown combination. It still works! If only I had a minion who was adept at photography that could chronicle my outfit adaptation for you. Taking it myself would be a disaster and I would not want to publish any of that.

Using similar items that you already have in your closet is key, especially if you’re like me and need to be in a “cleansing” phase versus an “adding” phase with said closet (dresser and/or under-the-bed storage). I have scrolled through a couple of the posts on this blog and find it perfectly suitable for imitating. She re-uses pieces (a la Kate Middleton), which is better for reality because I one shouldn’t be buying a new outfit every time I she sees someone looking fabulous on the bus street.

Will you be trying this outfit? Inquiring minds (mostly just mine) want to know!


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