Can I Wear NYDJ?

No, it doesn’t mean “New York Denim Jacket.” Nor does it mean “Navy Yuppie Designer Jammies.” NYDJ is the convenient acronym for the brand, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

Before I dive in to my always-compelling thoughts, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t have a daughter. Hence, my question posed to the universe.

Image c/o Nordstrom

When I first saw this brand in an issue of Vogue some-odd years ago, I was immediately turned off by the name. Awkward and long. Maybe it worked as a tag line, but as a name? Nah. Their jeans are supposed to make you look and feel one size smaller. I’m down with that, but I just couldn’t get on board with the brand. I continued flipping past the ads over and over until…now.

The Fall 2012 Lookbook is (in the words of Rachel Zoe) beyond. My brain is so torn. On the one hand, these styles are fresh and inspiring and I could 1,000% see them on my leggies. On the other hand, this brand is not geared towards my generation. Secondary questions pop up: Is this like shopping at Chico’s when I haven’t graduated from J. Crew? Does the tag in  your pants really matter?

To the latter, many would say, “No, of course it doesn’t matter.” To those people I say, “Have you read my blog?” Labels are important to me. A part of me feels hypocritical though because when it comes to size, I will wear anything fabulous that fits. I have pants in my closet ranging from a 4 to a 12. Crazy, I know, but in this world of unstandardized garment measurements, I throw caution into the stylish winds!

I mean, c’MON. Look at these pants!

Image c/o NYDJ

Jade Legging in Corduroy Dark Teal, NYDJ, $98

Fall is for rich colors, rich jewel tones. Dark teal? Yes, please.

Image c/o NYDJ

Sheri Skinny in Fine Line Venetian Rose, NYDJ, $110

This isn’t the first time I’ve told you, my trusty reader, that these jeans are for those that exude greatness.

Image c/o NYDJ

Angelina Legging in Coated Denim Black, NYDJ, $140

A faux leather finish with precious ankle zippers keep things interesting.

Image c/o NYDJ

Sherri Skinny in Python Print Fine Line Twill Plumberry, NYDJ, $130

And finally, the jeans that made me change my tune. Firstly, along with jewel tones, printed denim is so in for next season. This python is fierce and sexy. A must-have (everything feels like a “must-have,” doesn’t it?). Secondly, anything the color of “plumberry” makes me want to eat it (that’s a good thing).

So, friends, after reading this I need your help. You’ve seen the evidence. You’ve heard the testimony. Please do me the sincere favor and give me your honest verdict (did you like the law humor there?): can I wear NYDJ?


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