That One Decision

Image c/o All Sororities

Without getting into too much mushy mush, I felt compelled today to recall that one decision that I made as an errant youth going into my second college semester of freshman year. I joined a sorority, Alpha Phi.

I remember being entirely too lonely going into that fateful second semester. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t made more friends (I wasn’t that weird) nor why I had chosen to go to school so far away from my hometown. Plucked up with courage, I went to our school’s Formal Recruitment and it was like the little sliver that was missing in my college experience was finally found.

There are a myriad of memories (good and bad) that any sorority girl could tell you would fill up volumes of books. I definitely appreciate the sisterhood more now that I’m an alumna. Just when I started to think that moving away from my college hometown was quite possibly the worst decision I’d ever made, I attended an Alpha Phi alumnae event and met a handful of sisters that live steps away from me. We’re going to yoga and brunch on Sunday, how cute are we?

Happy Founder’s Day, sisters. Love and aoe.


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