DIY: Reupholstered Shelving

My Own Image

Do you ever obsess about something without any actual follow through? Keeping it strictly legal here, I do that all the time. Literally all the time. I attribute it to my Scorpio nature. Thankfully my type of short-circuited thinking is limited to crafting (and sometimes outfits). You should be inside my head when I’m reading a magazine or cruising through Pinterest. Actually, no, you don’t because I would drive you bonkers.

One of my long-outstanding projects was to rehab these wooden shelves (a euphemism because I’m not actually sure what they were originally a part of) that I found discarded in my apartment building’s recycle room. After carefully checking that no one was watching me (who wants to be seen carrying trash out of the room?), I carted it off like a squirrel with half a moldy baguette. Okay, good, now I have this dirty piece of wood. I’m not about to sand and paint it. I’m too lazy and I have zero room to do so. Now what?

My genius conclusion? It sat against my wall, empty and forlorn waiting for my busy brain to have a eureka moment. It wasn’t until I was consumed with coveting everything from the IKEA catalogue (sure, it’s totally disposable furniture, but I just love it, okay?) did I get my answer.

Image c/o What’s Ur Home Story

That dresser is covered in fabric! I couldn’t believe it. I knew that with a few simple tools, as you will see below, I could turn my sad, brown block of wood into a faboosh storage piece.

Etsy was exactly where I wanted to get my fabric (you can see all of my Etsy favorites here). This brings me to a caveat in my obsessive thinking. When I do obsess over something, it is very much concentrated into the span of a few hours. During said few hours I am a woman possessed. I skip meals and sleep and phone calls. That is how I conducted my search of the perfect fabric. Though I didn’t end up choosing my material from this particular store, I fell in love with The Fabric Fox. There were so many amazing choices I had to ask my friends for help in deciding.

What I eventually selected (I think it took me about five hours) was this shimmery, gold, lace from Shades of Glory Fabrics. I decided on lace because I knew it would be forgiving if I messed it up and didn’t get everything aligned just so. I didn’t need an off-centered pattern eating away at me in the night.

My Own Image

After that baby arrived in the mail, I needed to make a visit to my local Home Depot to get my affixing tools. My dad was proud.

My Own Image

Using the sixth (preceded by laser, water, Nerf, glue, and potato), and second to last (other than nail), gun I’ll ever use, I was unstoppable. The tools weren’t actually purchased until weeks after the actual fabric arrived. And it was a couple more weeks until they were physically taken out of their packaging and used. What can I say? When it comes to deadlines for myself, all bets are off.

After I got used to the kickback of the staple gun, I just was a stapling machine. I was pretty liberal with the staples and just made sure that I kept the fabric taught.

My Own Image

All surfaces ended up being covered and I’m just thrilled at how it all turned out!

My Own Image

Do you just love it?!

My Own Image

Even through the shoddy camera phone pics (and that a certain visitor said, “It looks like it’s from my grandma’s house.”) you can still appreciate its beauty and my blood, sweat, and tears that went into it. Just the perfect little spot to house my blankets, magazines, and other oddities (on the far left is the book that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere signed! In person!! EEK!!!) Oh, and wave hello back to Kate!


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