Birthday Outfit

Yes, indeedy. I am a whole 25 years old as of yesterday. It was a great day and I am lucky to have such great friends and family. Even better is the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Now back to the topic at hand, in case you are wondering, Emma Stone and I do not have the same birthday. Her downright fabulous outfit from the Vogue Awards simply inspired me to create a similar version for my own stores. I love buying outfits for special occasions and Emma’s outfit made me wish that I had seen it earlier so it could have been my birthday outfit. It’s so chic and a fun spin on the classic peplum and pencil skirt.

Image c/o Oasis

The sequin skirt was easy enough to find on Polyvore, the greatest site in the world to find an article of clothing. I knew I wouldn’t want to spend too much on this sequin skirt because it’s not exactly something that you can wear anywhere. This one at Oasis was exactly what I was looking for. Done.

The strapless peplum top was a little more difficult to track down. Emma is wearing Burberry so clearly the construction is exquisite. I flirted with both blue and black and still can’t decide, which would actually be the winner. With either color, I absolutely would snazz it up with some navy or black ribbon.

Image c/o Lulu’s

These options from Lulu’s may be a little…too much. I’m never one to shy away from a deep-V, but when you’re already getting a hard-to-wear skirt, it’s not practical to make it a hard-to-wear outfit.

Image c/o Topshop

Topshop is a master of the peplum. I have yet to snag one of their myriad of options, but this one stood out to me as a texture-on-texture option. The lace panel at the bottom  is not lined so the sequins would sparkle through.

Image c/o ASOS

Okay, so, I may have spoken too soon. This lovely thing from ASOS may be my winner. Even though it isn’t strapless, it’s still navy and at least satin-like. Bonus points: it’s on sale.

You all didn’t know that you were in suspense, but you are. I already have a super sweet birthday outfit planned. Did I also mention that I am weird with my occasion outfits and I won’t show it on to anyone much like a bride hiding her dress? You’ll have to wait until the sequel to this post to find out what it is!

Come to think of it – and I understand that it may be premature but – I now think that I’ve found my New Year’s Eve outfit…

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