Image c/o Pinterest

Image c/o Pinterest

Mere moments ago, after settling down with my plate full of homemade lunch deliciousness, I realized I was wearing all one color. Just like my dad on his leisure days. Midnight blue matching PJs, socks, and zip-up (because this house is literally a frozen tundra compared to my hamster cage of a studio that is a comfortable 85 degrees). #Vacation.

I scheduled my remaining PTO days to segue right into the company holiday break, so I’m officially away from the office for two whole weeks. It’s almost like reliving the college glory days, but there can never be anything as glorious as a whole month off. Never.

So far I have been able to dabble in a little bit of work, a little bit of family time, and a little bit of high school friend time. I really do like being at home because I’m able to indulge. Yesterday was an all out free-for-all at the grocery store with my mom. I got to pick out anything I wanted! I had to stop myself many times (gingerbread Pop-Tarts and several boxes of cereal didn’t make the cut). My girlfriend at a catch-up coffee date yesterday morning (shout out!) casually joked that there will be no Baked Doritos at our adult wine night tomorrow, but I assured her that those and Entenmann’s crumb donuts made their way into the shopping cart last eve. The only thing that will keep me from slipping into the depths of obesity is my mom’s unlimited guest privileges at the gym and the fact that this household only eats grass-fed meat and organic perishables. I’m not complaining.

Here are eight great things I’m loving about these next two weeks. Cheers!

Images c/o Lay's, Entenmann's, and IMDb

Images c/o Lay’s, Entenmann’s, and IMDb

Images c/o Pinterest and Racked NY

Images c/o Pinterest and Racked NY

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

  1. Junk food
  2. Movies
  3. Working out
  4. Shopping
  5. Coffee with friends
  6. Family dog
  7. TV marathons (yay cable!)
  8. The holidays

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