Girl Crush: Mindy Kaling

Image c/o Scribd

Image c/o Scribd

Recently I finished reading Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects (not, I repeat, NOT a book for those that are easily disturbed and/or can’t make it through an entire episode of Law & Order: SVU), and looking for something a little…lighter to occupy myself on my bus ride to work. Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) fit the bill.

Now usually I have my hands full with my gym duffle and my coffee, so reading on the bus isn’t a daily activity and with this particular book, I tend to want to laugh out loud and we all know that that isn’t proper bus etiquette. The train to and from Milwaukee, however, is primetime…time.

Image c/o NPR

Image c/o NPR

What I have found through reading her book is that 1) she’s hilarious and 2) we would be amazing friends. I was already a fan of hers from her time as a writer, producer and co-star on The Office, but now it is just cemented. Her new show The Mindy Project is on FOX and, while I would laugh from time to time, I was having trouble getting into it. Since diving into the book, I’ve realized she talks exactly the way she writes and that is directly translated onto the small-screen. My appreciation has bloomed.

Even reading her blog posts right now makes me feel like I’m reading something that I would write. I/we/she am/are/is so funny! Don’t confuse this for me thinking that “I could be a writer and famous like Mindy!” Nah. I’m more concerned with how I will stop myself from not eating these three boxes of Girl Scout cookies I came into today. I feel like she would support me in just devouring them now and getting it over with. I’ll dedicate a box of Thin Mints to you, girl.

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