A Royal Easter

Image c/o InStyle

Image c/o InStyle

This will obviously be exactly what I wear for Easter this Sunday. I hope I don’t get any syrup on myself.

For this Easter weekend, I am planning on soaking up the predicted sunshine with an outdoor run. Something I will not be doing is apartment hunting. I had a rough go of it this week and have the 1/3 empty container of Maple Oatmeal Squares cereal to prove it (the container holds 3 boxes BTW). Yes, I eat my feelings.

My take on Martha Stewart Living's April cover

My take on Martha Stewart Living’s April cover

Naturally, my family has traditions for not just Thanksgiving and Christmas but, Easter as well. Ever since my sibs and I got too old for the obvious indoor egg hunt, my mom and dad have been hiding them at dusk and we search for them with flashlights. We have a pretty expansive and wooded backyard including a pool so the hiding places can get interesting. I truly enjoy it and will miss it this year since I’ll be staying in Chicago. There is always a good 20-minute portion of the night where one person doesn’t have their allotment of eggs and neither of my parents can remember where the stragglers might be hidden. My grandpa usually finds it the next morning at four looking out the window while he makes his first eight of approximately 64 daily ounces of coffee. A couple times we’ve been pretty sure that a creature of the night has carried it off to its den never to be seen again.

There will be some Easter candy in my near future, but it won’t taste the same without being dumped out from a cheap, plastic egg.


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